Recommended Resources

If you want to fully prepare for the GMAT, I strongly recommend that you take a look at a variety of resources. While I do my best to create comprehensive guides, they are by no means exhaustive of all information that the GMAT could possibly cover. In particular, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to practice, practice, practice GMAT questions. That being said, here are some resources that I recommend:

Practice Questions

At the end of the day there is no substitute for hard work and practice. Here are some books with a huge number of practice problems. As far as choosing between these three, they all provide a great value of questions per dollar, so you can’t really go wrong:

Mental Math Practice

A guide on techniques you can use to do mental math faster and more efficently:

A website that will spit mental math problems at you. If you are struggling with mental math and not improving through practice problems, try spending 15 minutes per day on here until you can solve math problems faster:

A great article about how to practice mental math as you go about your day. I used this method while preparing for the GMAT and found it incredibly helpful:

Other Books on Applying to Business School

This is a comprehensive guide about what you should be doing to prepare to apply for an MBA program. I strongly recommend reading this and reading MBA applications for the schools you are interested in at least one year before you apply. This will give you time to expedite any projects or hobbies that you might want to talk about in your application:

Few guides about writing MBA application essays will be as effective as reading essays that were actually successful. While the HBS prompts are a few years out-of-date, I found this book to be incredibly helpful. While preparing to write my essay, I went through this book and underlined aspects I liked from different essays (the way the author grabbed attention, how the author framed a weakness as a learning experience, the author’s phrasing of stories to present him or herself in a good light while appearing genuine). Reading this book probably will not make or break your essay, but I was accepted to Harvard Business School, so the essay advice I learned from it must have been fairly good:


Mostly Quant flashcards, but also a few writing section cards. Some of the better formatted GMAT flashcards I’ve seen:

Entirely Quant flashcards. Useful for brushing up on your familiarity with the concepts tested in GMAT math: